Red Garnet Pendant Necklace

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Wear this stunning crystal pendant wrapped in silver flowers in Red, Green or Yellow. The pendant measures 4.5 cm by 2.3 cm and is set in silver in the shape of flowers and leaves for a very earthy nature setting. The pendant is on a black cord, but you can remove the pendant and put it on a chain of your own if you like as well. The Red stone is simulated Garnet, the Green stone is natural Chalcedony, and the Yellow stone is also natural Chalcedony. 

Chalcedony is a calming stone that soothes the emotions and your mind. Brings about a feeling of relaxation and peace and helps you to release any thoughts of negativity surrounding yourself. Green Chalcedony would relate to the Heart Chakra while Yellow Chalcedony relates to the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Red simulated Garnet can still hold some of the properties of regular Garnet, which is related to the Heart and Root Chakra as well as our feelings of security and wellbeing. This necklace would make for a beautiful gift for anyone who loves nature and crystals.


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Red Garnet Pendant Necklace
Red Garnet Pendant Necklace
Red Garnet Pendant Necklace
Red Garnet Pendant Necklace