Antique Geometric String Drop Earrings

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These Antique Geometric String Drop Earrings are one of a kind quality design you will be sure to love. The unique geometric patterned drop earrings use a copper alloy with an antique finish and string for a look that is both stylish and unique. The geometric drop earrings are a nice weight at 7.89 grams and sized at 4.5cm long by 4cm wide. The drop earrings can be worn casually or for special occasions and make a nice gift for family and friends. 

Drop earrings are a nice style that drops just below the earlobe a bit. These geometric drop earrings set is nicely adorned with string at the base of the earring for a unique and natural look. The simple geometric design with the antique finished copper alloy hangs nicely on the ear without a lot of movement because the style comes right off the base.


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Antique Geometric String Drop Earrings
Antique Geometric String Drop Earrings
Antique Geometric String Drop Earrings
Antique Geometric String Drop Earrings