Natural Gemstones Beads Bracelet

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A true balancing stone, Turquoise has been worn and used for years for its energy balancing benefits. It also looks beautiful which is why it’s a popular choice for jewelry and even as additional flair to clothing and accessories.

Red Jasper is a powerful stone of protection and stability. It inspires a positive attitude, increasing your energy level and motivation to encourage you to take action in your life. Red Jasper stabilizes the aura and strengthens your boundaries.

Obsidian is a grounding stone that impels you to grow and will offer its support when you choose to do so. It helps subconscious blockages and self-defeating patterns. It helps you to recognize your dark side. It is a protective stone that helps to guard against negativity. It is a good stone for highly sensitive people.

Length: 17 cm


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Natural Gemstones Beads Bracelet
Natural Gemstones Beads Bracelet
Natural Gemstones Beads Bracelet
Natural Gemstones Beads Bracelet